27 02 2008

Ok…. so… here we go again.

Why blog? I need a reason.

I considered quitting – I really did.

But some part of me obviously wants to continue.

Changing to wordpress has renewed my energy – enough for another burst. Another shot at the title. Whatever that means.

To keep me going I need some new topics to blog on. Obviously there will be the favourites:

x Beer

x Coffee

x God

But I want to throw in a bit more:

x Geography – I love geography but I haven’t thought about it since high school

x Words – I like words – I wish my job allowed me to use them more

x Maths – by request of D Miers

x Work

x Other stuff

I want to blog because I want to write stuff. Not necessarily stuff that will appeal to you readers out there, but stuff that appeals to me.

Does that make sense? Is that a reason to blog? Will that keep me going this time?

We’ll see.




7 responses

28 02 2008

First comment on the new site.

I like it! Are you taking requests for posting topics?

28 02 2008

Yo G-man, you’re up on the fountainside now so there’s no turning back! Good luck!

28 02 2008
Dave Miers

bring on the maths!!

by the way – i’m a sceptic!

28 02 2008

requests are welcomed

sorry – I didn’t realise I had comment moderation on – amateur

dave – so am I

28 02 2008
Dave Miers


28 02 2008
Dave Miers

good job on turning moderation off – you are much much more than an amateur now!

28 02 2008

I’d be content to read your content on Beer, Coffee and God but feel free to content yourself by broadening your range of content šŸ˜‰

… content

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