Sick Kitten

28 02 2008


If you haven’t already met willow, this is she.

And she is not feeling very well at the moment.

She had a temperature, runny poo and no appetite yesterday, so she spent the night at Gladesille Vet Hospital

We will hopefully be picking her up tonight. I wonder how much it will cost….?




7 responses

28 02 2008


One more post today and you’ll be on a posting spree. Get up to ten and and it’s post-tacular.

Willow’s a pretty cute cat!

28 02 2008

Hope Willow is ok (and your wallet…wishful thinking)
Is the 80 wasted visits when people visit and don’t comment??

28 02 2008

84 now… you’re pretty popular! (Or I type slow!) slowly…

28 02 2008

no thats just me being self deprecating. I think I might change it

I’ll let you know how thw wallet fares!

28 02 2008

Our little Willow is much better now. She is home safe and back to her cheeky self. It didn’t hurt the wallet too much either – she’s worth it…

28 02 2008


28 02 2008

Poor kitty 😦

Glad wallet and cat are ok.

Nice one Guthers. I like the new look and the title.

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