Great Game

31 03 2008

I got to level 10 on my first attempt. A few obscure African countries knocked me out. I will conquer it!

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Nappies, Cigars and 10 year old beer

31 03 2008

We had a lovely evening on Saturday with the Lovell family. Adri and I went around for pizza and baby cuddles.

I had the pleasure/duty/opportunity of changing a pooey nappy for the frst time, which was exciting/disgusting/nice.

And to celebrate the birth, like they do in the movies, Anu and I had a cigar each. It wasn’t my first cigar, but I’m no pro. It is not something I am used to and I don’t think I want to get used to it. I can understand how it would be appealing – it was very tasty in it’s own way. But I find not having throat cancer quite appealing as well. They took over an hour to smoke and I had to wash my hair twice to get the smell out.

Far more enjoyable than the cigars was the 1998 Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale. I was concerned that it may have been mistreated by me over the last few years and maybe had gone a bit bad. But I needn’t have feared – it was truly delicious.

Thanks for the evening, Lovell’s. Thanks for selling me the beer, Geoff.

More Willow

29 03 2008



29 03 2008



28 03 2008

Our bible study leader was stretching his vocabulary on Wednesday night.

He came up with  germane and dragoon.


Dam Levels

27 03 2008

This is going to sound incredibly nerdy, but…

Every Thursday at approximately 3pm, the Sydney Catchment Authority releases information on dam levels in Sydney .

Some guys from work and I gather round a computer and watch with interest at what has happened to the overall water supply over the last week. We each have a guess at what we think the storage level may be, and today I guessed correctly at 66.0%.

Highlight of my day so far.


Single Origin

26 03 2008

latte-art.jpgAdri and I went to Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills for breakfast this morning.

It was lovely. I had a peach, white choc and coconut muffin and we had a flat white each. A bit disappointing that they didn’t understand what I meant by a ‘ristretto’ flat white and asked us to “next time, just order a weak one”. But I could be being a bit picky there. Read the rest of this entry »


25 03 2008

I am currently reading three books:


1. For the Love of God by DA Carson – I’ve mentioned this one already. Adri and I are doing the daily devotional readings. ‘Tis tops.

2. World Without End by Ken Follett – This is the sequel to the novel ‘Pillars of the Earth’. I really enjoyed Pillars, and so far I am really enjoying this. I think I like the historic context and the various characters story-lines that are interwoven. I also like how the story extends over many years. Although I sometimes feel like he dwells on one time period for too long and doesn’t give enough weight to others. Has anyone else read either of these? Would love to hear your thoughts.

3. Actuarial Practice in General Insurance 7th Edition by Hart, Buchanan & Howe – Boring as anything, but it must be done. Actually some of it is not too bad. I have to read 10 chapters of this tomorrow, and make summaries.

Loooooong Weekend.

24 03 2008

I’m back.

What a monster weekend!  We were up at Hallidays Point and we had a fabulous time. In brief, the highlights were:

  1. Shooting an 87 on the golf course on Friday morning.
  2. Kayaking under the Forster-Tuncurry bridge. (Or the Tuncurry-Forster bridge…)
  3. Eating roast goat.

Tops weekend.

Got to get stuck into some study this week. Risk Margins and Reinsurance recoveries. Woohoo! Oh, and back to work tomorrow.

I’ve never had the need to say this before, but…

19 03 2008

I’m off on holidays for the long weekend so I won’t be posting for a while.clock-sign.jpg