Cinq premières choses à faire durant le week-end – Numéro trois

5 03 2008

3. Play Golf

Well picked turns. I looooove to play golf.

I attempt to play golf every Saturday morning (it used to be Sunday, but we had to change for 10:45 church).  I say “attempt” because sometimes something comes up and I can’t play, and when I do play, my attempts aren’t always successful.

Lately, I have been in a bit of a form slump. My handicap, an indication of how well I’m playing, is now the highest out of Tim, Dad and I, and has been for some time. My driver has been performing alright, but my short game has been abysmal.


We play on a stableford scoring system which means that, if you play to your handicap, you should score 36 points. Unlike other golf scoring methods, the more points the better. I haven’t scored 36 points since Aus Day and I haven’t bettered 36 points for over a year. I must be on the verge of a big round!

We play in the Saturday morning competition at Castle Hill Golf Club and if you win the comp you get your name in the paper and a gift voucher to the pro shop.



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5 03 2008

So this is the new blog then huh?

5 03 2008


5 03 2008

merci buckets

5 03 2008

If it makes you feel any better, you’ll always be better than me at golf…

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