Possible career change?

6 03 2008

Options trading. Looks pretty sweet.

What do you reckon?



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6 03 2008

Full time blogger?

6 03 2008

oops. Just saw the link. Thought you were asking for suggestions… 🙂

Options trading looks like something I don’t understand.

6 03 2008

Sam, from what I can tell the whole firm is built around arbitrage. This is basically a way of exploiting the market to make free money.

eg, If you want to sell some options for $5, and Guthers want’s to buy some options and is willing to pay $6, I can be a middle man and make $1. It’s kind of like that, but on a much bigger scale.

The trouble with arbitrage is that it doesn’t last long. There are thousands of people all around the world looking for opportunities like that and then as soon as one pops up it’s gone.

Guthers, could be fun. Pretty high stress during the day though. From their website it looks like a lot of people work on the Hong Kong market, so you may be working 8:30 – 5:30, but not on our clocks (a few testimonials on the site said they work 10:30 – 7:30)…

Not very money stable either, which is a problem with a mortgage. I would imagine that the salary isn’t fantastic, but the bonus is pretty big – which would probably be largely dependent on personal performance.

Still, it’s not actuarial, and that’s gotta be a good thing 🙂

7 03 2008

Sounds very unstable to me!
If you lived in Perth it would still be 8:30 to 5:30! but you don’t so you’d never be home for dinner and that’s a bad thing.

8 03 2008

Guthers, I am good friends with one of the biggest and brighest options traders of the past few decades … He now lives in Launceston having had a break down following being sued by 65 of his former clients because the market turned … That’s how I know him. He’s my client. But that aside, sounds good. I can introduce you …

8 03 2008

Hey G,
That’s terrible.
Although, I like how you put “He now lives in Launceston” first, as though that was the worst part of the whole situation.
I don’t want to live in Launceston.

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