Weekend Top 5 – number 4

7 03 2008

4. Go out to dinner with my wife or with family or friends

This sort of ties in with number 2, but is different as well.

We rarely, if ever cook dinner at home on the weekend. That is partly because we are lazy. At the end of a long week, the concept of cooking, and worse, cleaning up afterwards, is just not very appealing.

Usually it’s no big deal. There is invariably something social (party, wedding, etc) happening on either Friday or Saturday night and every Sunday we eat at Adri’s parents place, so we are maybe eating out, or getting takeaway one night per weekend.

Since moving to our new place, we are a lot closer to the places we like to go out to dinner:

  • Balmain has some great places, can be a bit exy though.
  • The inner west generally has some tops eateries and it is not too hard to find a cheap place.
  • Last weekend we had Moroccan in Drummoyne.
  • Even humble Gladesville has some tops places! (Can recommend Jaipur Bazaar for cheap Indian – half price mains on a tuesday night)

The current favourite for eating out though has to be Rosso Pomodoro. The best pizza in Sydney. Closely followed by La Disfida in Haberfield.




2 responses

7 03 2008

We live in walking distance of that place. Will have to check it out!

7 03 2008

you definitely should.
try rosso pomodoro too!

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