A new 7 deadly sins?

11 03 2008

According to this article from the ABC, “a high ranking Vatican official wants to update the church’s list of mortal sins.”

Now completely aside from the concept that some sins are worse than others, it seems unusual that you would think that an unchanging God would change his mind over time about which sins were ‘deadly’.

Anywho, the article goes on to say the list should be updated to include social sin. It should takes into account modern developments – issues such as genetic modification and pollution.

My question to you is, if you were to come up with a new ‘deadly’ sin, what would it be? 




3 responses

11 03 2008

how about…

“putting recyclables in the non-recyclable bin”


11 03 2008

How about ‘browsing the internet while at work when you’re meant to be doing other things, and then charging that time to a client’…

12 03 2008

I’d like the new list to actually be deadly.

Like knife fighting… or blood letting (although I think the JW’s have already got dibs on that one…)

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