Weekend Top 5 – la finale

11 03 2008

5. Have a napman-taking-power-nap1.jpg

There is nothing better than coming home after a busy Saturday morning and having an afternoon nap.

Maybe I’m getting old, but being out and about is really tiring! I need a little nanna-nap just to keep me going, especially if I have something to attend in the evening. It’s also the perfect way to relax after a busy week.

I like to nap in front of the TV (preferably cricket), but I also nap after reading in bed.

I would love to live in a country that practised the siesta. Mid-afternoon is such an unproductive time for me, I think we could all benefit from a little snooze. It’s the thing I miss most about pre-school.

Maybe we should petition the government to introduce “National Siesta Hours”? I’ll make an enquiry when I ask about the Feb 29 Public Holiday.

Are you a napper? Do you think I’m a boring, lazy old man?




2 responses

11 03 2008

I am so with you on this one. I love a nanna nap. Especially Sunday arvo nap before church. But it’s only tuesday – better not get too excited yet…

11 03 2008

I’ve had good experiences and bad experiences with nanna naps. Sometimes I wake up refreshed and ready to go for the rest of the day, othertimes I wake completely groggy and am more lethargic than I was previous to the nap.

Maybe it depends on the length of the nap then. They say 20mins is a good amount, but I’m confused as to how you time a 20min nap. Is that 20 mins from when you lie down, or 20mins from when you fall asleep – in which case how do you start timing from when you fall asleep?

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