Short Working Week…

17 03 2008

Is there anything sweeter than a long weekend? How about a 4-day weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

I have a study day this week and next week as well, so I will only be working 6 out of the next 10 weekdays. Sweet!

We are heading up the coast to Hallidays Point this weekend. What are you up to?




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17 03 2008

Matt’s mum is coming over! And planning on babysitting! It will also be lovely to see her 🙂

17 03 2008

she mentioned that at church yesterday actually! sounds like fun.

17 03 2008

Is there anything sweeter than a long weekend?

Maybe 5 days to celebrate Jesus? 🙂

We’ve got no major plans – which is not too bad!

17 03 2008

Nothing much sweeter springs to mind.

Hey, I’m only working 6 out the next 14 days due to days off, study days etc. Sweet!

I started working on my first uni assignment today – I’m impressed. On a bit of a roll actually. I’m looking at an adverse event caused by medical treatment.

18 03 2008

I’m going to New York for 6 days. I win on the holiday front!

18 03 2008

NYC sounds like fun! 6 days huh? sweeeeeeeet
Have a blast. Send me a NYC postcard! or buy me something typically New York.

But if you don’t – I will probably forget by Christmas.

18 03 2008

NYC does sound great… But I am already on holidays 🙂 A 10 day weekend. Can’t wait to see some photos of NYC

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