New Job

18 03 2008


Adri has found a new job! She found it a while ago actually, but I thought the exclamation mark would add some excitement.

She finished up at Youthworks on Friday and is taking a week off before she starts at the Salvo’s next Tuesday.

It’s the first time she has ever left a full-time job and saying goodbye to some good friends after over 2 years was a bit sad.

But the new job will be a lot more in line with what she wants to do and what she is trained in. 

It is an answer to prayer to find this new job and hopefully it will be a great change.




5 responses

19 03 2008

does it come with any perks… like 50% off in their stores?

where are the salvo’s based?

19 03 2008

Na.. That would be pretty cool though.

They are based near Museum Station on Elizabeth. A bit further from Simon so I might not have the pleasure of seeing him at lunch everyday now 😦

19 03 2008

oohh.. that is sadd..

but he is a douchebag.. he tilts his head like a girl when playing nintendo.

19 03 2008

Oh but you love him…

19 03 2008

this is true… why else would i spend my working day posting on his blog..

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