29 03 2008





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31 03 2008

How cute is our little kitten…

7 04 2008

How cute is your kitty indeed. How old is he and is he an outdoor cat?

We just got a little kitty called Moses, I put some pics on my blog. He is so cute!

Also thanks for the Barista course tip – it’s in my neck of the woods so may try it out. My hubby did his course with Belaroma – how did you find out about that course?

7 04 2008

Hey Nixter! Yeh I saw your photos of Moses- thats what inspired me to put up pics of Willow. Moses is really cute – I especially like the video of him lazing around! classic!

Willow is a she – although as of last weekend she is now an ‘it’. She is 6 months old and she is well and truly an indoor kitty – we have no ‘outdoors’ to speak of.

Re: Barista course – I found Jason through the web when I was looking for a coffee machine. He is a great guy and was very helpful. He even let me come into his workshop and try out his own personal machine! You should give him a call to ask about the course – I’m sure he’d be more than happy to tell you all about it.

How was the Belaroma course? I imagine they would run a pretty slick operation? Big name and all that.

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