Great Game

31 03 2008

I got to level 10 on my first attempt. A few obscure African countries knocked me out. I will conquer it!

Click here. 



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31 03 2008

Level 6 on my first go.

I should be working on my concept map for Uni. I’m mapping inflammation and infection in relation to Pneumonia. Yay!

31 03 2008

Man you guys are good!

I only got to level 5 – and even then had some pretty dubious answers.

1 04 2008

I eventually got to level 6 but needed a few practice turns. Didn’t help that I accidentally clicked the ocean south of Africa (I was still clicking next!) when trying to locate Dublin! (I’ve been there twice – so that was a but frustrating!)
It is obviously a US game – they are a lot more generous outside of the Americas (and a lot less generous within – my North American geography is terrible!)

2 04 2008

i am consistently getting to level 6 – but no further as of yet..
you are a nerd simon

2 04 2008

i just cracked level 8.. i too will conquer this game

3 04 2008

I just got up to level 12, but got nowhere near the required number of points. they whacked some obscure ones in there!

3 04 2008

Got beat down after level 8!

I like this game – great procrastination!

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