One day to go…

29 04 2008

And I have  pile of past papers about 2 inches thick to get through.

It will be a big relief when this is all over.

Still one chapter of the text book to read as well.

I hope there are no ‘surprises’ in tomorrows exam – though I’m sure there will be.

I fully could have died

28 04 2008

Admittedly this is one of the worst  photos ever – but it serves to illustrate my point.

The other night, ‘someone’ (I’m blaming the cat) knocked my bedside lamp off the chest of drawers on my side of the bed.

It was a cheap glass lamp from Ikea and it shattered into  a thousand shards of death.

The impact was so extreme that one of the aforementioned death shards lodged in the timber of the chest of drawers. (see photo)

And all this just inches from the back of my head!

Lucky to be alive………….

Happy Anzac Day

25 04 2008

How is everyone spending the long weekend?

I will be studying, as I have been doing for the past few days – hence the lack of posting. Sorry.

No one had any hot study tips for me. But does anyone have any tips on how to stay motivated and focussed? I would much rather be doing something else and I am very easily distracted.

Dear God…

21 04 2008

Little Doddsy mentioned this website in church on the weekend.

It’s interesting. Check it out.

So you think you can dance?

21 04 2008

I have found myself getting extremely frustrated at the judges on this show. It must be hard to give significant feedback in a few seconds on a performance you have seen once, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that they are talking rubbish.

Another thing I have become convinced of is that, to be a good dancer, all I need is a Sony Vaio laptop, a Sony handycam and a tall glass of Metamucil everyday – preferable berry flavoured.

Nothing says ‘dance superstar’ like a healthy bowel.

Studying – last minute

19 04 2008

There are 11 days to go until my exam.

As far as I am concerned, a large chunk of my knowledge for the exam will be gained in the next 11 days. I have already built a foundation of the course notes and the readings, but I will spend the next 11 days learning the vital things that are the difference between a pass and a fail. Things like: what sort of questions to expect, what details they are looking for in specific questions, tricks they use every year to try to trip you up and topics that I hadn’t considered yet, but are there in every paper.

I will spend most of my study time from here on in doing past papers, marking them and jotting down points where there were gaps in my knowledge previously. About next Monday I will get stressed out that I don’t really know anything at all and I will probably stay up all night Tuesday cramming.

Do you like my approach? I am actually more prepared than I usually am!

How do you tackle an exam? Any hot tips for making sure I do all I can?

Swimming with the Dolphin

18 04 2008

Pretty silly really. I know a few people who would have tried this.

Click there —> *

Leading church

16 04 2008

I had the pleasurable, though somewhat daunting, task of leading the church service on the weekend.

I say daunting because it’s the first time I’ve done it in this new congregation and I feel very immature compared to my fantastic Christian brothers and sisters at 10:45.

But, it went quite well. Geoff Shead preached a ripper on Psalm 4 and we had some good chats with people after the service.

Really enjoying the 10:45 experience.

Big thanks to Hammm for making a special guest appearance!


14 04 2008

I’m having one of those “let’s try to get fit” moments.

I went for a run on Saturday and another on Sunday. I have one scheduled in for when I get home tonight and another at lunchtime tomorrow.

The plan is to try and do a run everyday. Adri is on board as well.

My running coach, that is the guy who sits near me at work, reckons I should be aiming for 20mins a day with a couple of longer runs every week. One rest day a week. Keep that up until the City2Surf.

Do you think I can stick to it? How many days do you give me? Hours?

Dam levels

10 04 2008