the Oasis

2 04 2008

Adri’s new job offered up its first ‘perk for her partner’ last night when we went to view a screening of The Oasis.

The film aims to raise awareness of the problem of youth homelessness in Australia and will be screened next Thursday night at 8:30pm on the ABC as a part of National Youth Week.

The Oasis is an outreach to homeless youth run by the Salvation Army in Sydney. See more here.

The guy who runs it, (Salvo’s Captain) Paul Moulds was an inspiring Christian man. He was portrayed in the film as the epitome of “other-person-centredness”, if that’s a word. Whilst there are lots of things I will remember about the film, two things Paul said have stuck in my brain:

  1. We can look at people like these drug-addicted, homeless kids and throw our hands up in moral outrage saying “It shouldn’t be like this”. Or, we can accept that it is like this, that these people do exist, and we can get alongside them and show them the love and support that they need to break out of the cycle.
  2. It costs $70,000 a year to keep a young kid locked up in gaol. If Paul had access to that kind of resource, he could build a life-changing package of support for any one of them, that would see them out of prison for a lifetime. What a frustrating thought!

Tops film. Highly recommend you watch it.

Next Thursday. 8:30pm. ABC.




2 responses

2 04 2008

I forgot about that comment on how much it cost to keep him in gaol. How crazy is that… The money could be much better used.

2 04 2008

For that sort of money they can come live at my place…

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