58 years of service.

7 04 2008

Yesterday my family went to a special celebration for my maternal grandparents.

My Nanna and Poppa are both into their 80s and time is starting to catch up with them. My Poppa has had a couple of heart attacks and his body moves a lot more slowly than it used to. For my Nanna, it is her mind that doesn’t move as quickly as it once did. So they have decided to move out of the family home they have lived in for the last 58 years and retire to Nuffield Village, an Anglican Retirement home in Castle Hill.

The reason we were celebrating this move yesterday is because they attended their last service at St Marks Yagoona, where they had attended services more or less every week for the past 58 years. (Probably been to over 3,000 services, allowing for missed weekends, Easters, Christmases, hatches, matches, and despatches.)

It was a great joy to see how my Grandparents have served God with their whole lives. So many past and present members of the congregation had such admiration for them both.

Poppa had been a church warden for many years and last month missed his first Parish Council meeting ever! He had been responsible for the churches building projects and expansion of property as well as the birth of the Parishioners Savings Fund. Nanna had been president of the Mothers Union and had been a faithful servant, much loved by the whole congregation.

I couldn’t help but think to myself – these people have not done anything spectacular, nothing that would make the front page, but they have lived a long life of faithful service to God and his church and, in hindsight, that seems HUGELY spectacular.

Perhaps there is nothing greater to do with your life, than to run the race faithfully.