le Cops on Blades

9 04 2008

le French Police Service have a very cool way of getting around. Well, cool in a late-20th-century kind of way.

This story tells of French police escorting the Olympic torch relay on rollerblades.

Note to self: If you are ever being chased by le cops in Paris, look for a large, grassed area.

I was quite the blader in my youth… maybe I should look into a career in the Paris Police Force?



4 responses

9 04 2008

I don’t mind making the move to Paris at all…

9 04 2008

i used to put on skates and pretend i was in the mighty ducks

9 04 2008

I like roller blades too, back in the days of roller blading around local parks, or the streets, but nothing beats skate 2000.

11 04 2008

I loved Skate 2000! Such an awesome place. I went there all the time.

Thanks for the heads up Guthers. I’ll be heading to Paris in just over a month. I’ll be sure to take a picture of le cops on blades if I see one.

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