14 04 2008

I’m having one of those “let’s try to get fit” moments.

I went for a run on Saturday and another on Sunday. I have one scheduled in for when I get home tonight and another at lunchtime tomorrow.

The plan is to try and do a run everyday. Adri is on board as well.

My running coach, that is the guy who sits near me at work, reckons I should be aiming for 20mins a day with a couple of longer runs every week. One rest day a week. Keep that up until the City2Surf.

Do you think I can stick to it? How many days do you give me? Hours?



2 responses

16 04 2008

If you can keep going for 2 weeks at least – it gets much easier so go for that! Nice work Guthers.

16 04 2008

Thanks for the encouragement Libby! We will make sure we keep it up until at least then.
5 days straight now. It’s getting easier already! Adri did a really good one this afternoon!

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