Happy Anzac Day

25 04 2008

How is everyone spending the long weekend?

I will be studying, as I have been doing for the past few days – hence the lack of posting. Sorry.

No one had any hot study tips for me. But does anyone have any tips on how to stay motivated and focussed? I would much rather be doing something else and I am very easily distracted.




6 responses

25 04 2008

im leading on KYCK…
hope its wicked.. good times and some challenging talks

25 04 2008

I’d be no help on the motivated front – let me know if you need help with procrastinating – I’m world class at that.

26 04 2008

Classical music is meant to help – as long as you don’t know it well and hum along instead of studying.

27 04 2008

Libby – thanks for the tip – I will give that one a go.
Mattt – I am a world class procrastinator too. If only there was some kind of world procrastinating championships – who can spend the most time achieving nothing?
Hammm – hope kyck is madddd

28 04 2008

Well your weekend is over now but something that I found good was to set yourself small managable tasks to complete before you can leave you chair. When it is done, get up and do something or eat something for a reward (maybe a really nice coffee or something). After no more than 10 minutes, get back into the next task. For me, saying I’m going to study for hour after hour solidly doesn’t work. Small chunks are good and then have an extended break to go for a swim or tennis or a run or something to reboost your energy (and your mind) ready to get back into it!

28 04 2008

that’s good advice thea – thanks!
I will give it a go today – I’ve only got two more days of study left! aargh!

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