Like my new header?

4 05 2008

It’s the inside of a hot air balloon.

Feedback is most welcome.




7 responses

4 05 2008

What’s with the ‘possibly related posts’? I don’t wanna know about green urine!

4 05 2008

wow! where did that come from?

4 05 2008

I like it! Did you take the photo Guthers?

Apparently people wanting to lose weight are having a balloon inserted into their stomach. If it ruptures, the blue coloring in the balloon can mix with the yellow urine to make it green.

4 05 2008
Dave Miers

sweet pic.

hey man – with the related posts – you can turn it off.
in your admin panel, go into “extras” and you can check a box to turn it off.


4 05 2008

Turns – goo! I love how that is ‘possibly related’ to my post though! It is a Guthers original – see next post.

Dave – done – thanks for another hot tip – got any more for me?

5 05 2008

I like the pic 🙂 Ballooning would have been awesome (except the burning bit)!

5 05 2008

Like it a lot!

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