15 05 2008

Getting right into the tea lately.

It’s a good drink for work. Healthier than coffee and soft drinks, not as boring as water.

I am working my way through some vanilla redbush from T2.

And I got a funky new teapot from Victoria’s Basement for $10.

Are you a tea drinker?



8 responses

15 05 2008

Tea all the way. My favourite tea maker is Elmstock Check them out – they are all over the country.

15 05 2008

Did Mma Ramotswe inspire the red bush?

15 05 2008

I love tea also.

bit of a sucker for irish breakfast, haven’t really tried any of the T2 stuff, seen a few different ones in the shops but not sure if I’m willing to give up my 100% fav.

15 05 2008

Libby – I got the tea first – but I like that link!
Elmstock have a shop in Balmain… I might go check them out.

Meg – welcome!

15 05 2008

Love a good tea. We’ve even got an ice tea jug, although haven’t filled it up much since the end of summer.

16 05 2008

Not particularly a fan per se, but have often wondered about getting into it… I’m making a transition through an asian concoction called Yuanyang a combination of Coffee and Milk Tea…. Otherwise it’s water for me at work….

16 05 2008

Tea only when there’s no espresso!

16 05 2008

I love tea also. Coffee made by my lovely husband to start the day, and then tea at work. T2 is particulary yummy and has brought tea back and made it extra trendy. Should check out the T2 Tea House at Macquarie Centre..

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