30 06 2008

Cheap rubbish….


29 06 2008

Golf is a marvellous though, at times, frustrating game.

Having been frustrating for the past few months, yesterday, it was marvellous.

I broke my handicap for the first time in a long time, bettering it by 4 strokes. I came second in the Saturday morning competition and my handicap now moves from 19.1 down to 17.6.

It was just a matter of getting my chipping right. But you’ve probably lost interest by now…

5,000 hits

27 06 2008

Thanks for reading – if you still are.

The last 2,000 hits seem to have come a bit slower than the previous 3,000. That’s just a vibe. Probably due to my slow down in posting. Dave said I couldn’t keep it up.

I will search for inspiration over the weekend.

I passed!

25 06 2008

Exam results came out today at 9am.

I passed General Insurance A!!!

That’s 2 out of 4 part 3 subjects. Half way to qualification!

Busy Week

22 06 2008

A very full week for me last week. Most of the excitement was concentrated into Thursday though.

The highlights:

– A promotion and a pay rise. I am now a “senior” person of little importance.

– The Sydney Harbour Bridge twilight climb

– Dinner at Sailors Thai at the Rocks.

The last two were a work event. A celebration of a job well done. Would have been more fun if my wife was invited.

Another big week coming up – exam results are out on Wednesday morning, 9am.

Re: Melbourne

12 06 2008

As mentioned already, Adri and I spent the weekend in Melbourne. We had a fantastic time.

The highlight was either breakfast at St Ali’s coffee roasters or lunch at the Local Taphouse Pub. Line ball.

The lowlight was undoubtedly the 8 hour door to door trip home. Top work Qantas.

On Shopping…

We didn’t go absolutely mental, but we did pick up some good purchases. Adri was a little disappointed that I came home with more purchases than she did.

Chapel street was superb. We clocked up a lot of kms walking up and down it. You could easily spend a week on it as there are hundreds of shops.

Best shop was American Apparel where we picked up 3 items. Apparently there is one coming to Paddington soon.

On Coffee…

Our first Melbourne coffee experience was not a good one. The cafe across the road from our hotel got 4.5 beans in the Melbourne coffee guide and was packed with people on Saturday morning. However, when we got inside and ordered our 2 lattes, they promptly forgot about us! I had to reorder after a good 20 mins. When it did finally arrive, it wasn’t too bad.

St Ali was another story altogether. Almost the ideal cafe in my opinion. The roasters were pumping out the delicious when we arrived at the converted warehouse. Our 2 lattes were perfectly made with a very well defined rosetta. Tap water was served in old VB bottles and tthe breakfast was he most delicious cafe food I’ve had in a long time. Labna, poached pears, muesli and mixed nuts/seeds and bacon and eggs on hashbrowns. Yum!

We bought 250g of the St Ali’s Espresso blend home. I haven’t quite mastered the grind yet, but it was pretty tasty this morning.

On Beer…

I don’t think the Victorians fully realise how good they have it in the beer stakes. It seems Victoria has far more boutique breweries than NSW. In the pubs we visited, I didn’t see VB or New on tap once – how good is that!

The beer highlight was the Local Taphouse on Chapel St, St Kilda. They boasted 40 beers on tap and had a beer menu that stretched to dozens of pages. I had the Otway Estate Otway Ale which was a tasty, full-bodies, subtly hoppy ale. Adri had the Hargreaves Hill ESB which I would say surpassed, or at least equalled, the Knappstein in the tasty lager department.

We also had le Coq Blond at the Lucky Coq in Prahran. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as their $4 pizzas!

All in all, we had a great time. I can’t wait to go back and see more of Melbourne. It really is a great town.’

PS – Thanks for everyones tips! Photos to come

The weekend of the moderately famous TV personality…

11 06 2008

Well, haven’t we just been the B-grade celebrity spotters!

At the airport on Saturday we saw Tom Burlinson.

Then we were on the same flight as Matthew White and Mark Beretta from Channel 7 on their way to Melbourne for the V8s.

On our (scheduled) flight home we were waiting near Brad McEwan from Sports Tonight.

Then as we waited (for a long time!) to pick up our luggage in Sydney we saw Vanessa Amorosi.

And finally, yesterday, Adri saw Channel 9 news presenter Ali Langdon.

No photos, autographs or other proof – you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Too slow off the mark

10 06 2008

Have you ever had a really great and, you thought, original idea, only to discover it’s all been thought of before?

I had one of those moments this morning when I saw a picture of former US presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on the SMH website. I thought, “Gee, he looks a lot like President Logan! I’m glad he didn’t make it to president.”

But I was a bit too slow. Which is not surprising really, given he has been around for a while.

Have others already seen this and I am just way slow?


5 06 2008

The artificial long weekend up in Forster seems a long time ago now. I long for another….

Thankfully, we have one! This weekend, to celebrate the birth of a Queen of some description, Adri and I will be heading off for a long weekend in Melbourne!

We are planning on enjoying:

  1. Shopping
  2. Coffee
  3. Boutique Victorian Beers

We fly out on Saturday morning and come back Monday lunchtime. We are staying in a little hotel in St Kilda.

Should be fantastic!

Any tips, tricks, suggestions or warnings for where to go, what to drink, etc in Melbourne? I am thinking especially of coffee and beer!