The weekend of the moderately famous TV personality…

11 06 2008

Well, haven’t we just been the B-grade celebrity spotters!

At the airport on Saturday we saw Tom Burlinson.

Then we were on the same flight as Matthew White and Mark Beretta from Channel 7 on their way to Melbourne for the V8s.

On our (scheduled) flight home we were waiting near Brad McEwan from Sports Tonight.

Then as we waited (for a long time!) to pick up our luggage in Sydney we saw Vanessa Amorosi.

And finally, yesterday, Adri saw Channel 9 news presenter Ali Langdon.

No photos, autographs or other proof – you’ll just have to take my word for it.




4 responses

11 06 2008

Matt saw Laurie Daly on his way home yesterday (at Sydney airport) and was pretty excited about it

11 06 2008

The only celeb I knew in that B grade list was Vanessa! Hope you guys had fun in Melbourne – very envious, I love that city:)

12 06 2008

Libby – I would love to see Laurie Daly in real life just to see if his nose really is that big! We saw Bill Lawry at the cricket one day and we were blown away by the dimensions of his schnoz…

Soph – needless to say there weren’t hundreds of adoring fans fawning over these people! Two people asked Mark Beretta for a photo, but I don’t think anyone even noticed Vanessa.

More to come on Melbourne later – it was fantastic!

17 06 2008

I believe you, I saw Guy Sebastien at Sydney airport he was on a flight from Melbourne with us, didn’t see him on the plane just when he was collecting his bags!

I guess that’s the place to meet celebs!

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