29 06 2008

Golf is a marvellous though, at times, frustrating game.

Having been frustrating for the past few months, yesterday, it was marvellous.

I broke my handicap for the first time in a long time, bettering it by 4 strokes. I came second in the Saturday morning competition and my handicap now moves from 19.1 down to 17.6.

It was just a matter of getting my chipping right. But you’ve probably lost interest by now…



2 responses

29 06 2008

Good work bro. I can’t play golf to save my life – but when would it?

30 06 2008

you never know…
Maybe one day there will be an extreme japanese game show where you need to sink putts to avoid a painful death?
Maybe one day we will have to defeat a giant Godzilla-like monster by all simultaneously driving golf balls at it?

Seriously though, there was an article on smh not long ago claiming that golfers live longer! That may have a little something to do with socio-economic background though….

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