30 06 2008

Cheap rubbish….



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30 06 2008

And that is the second time it has broken 😦 We had it re-shaped already.

1 07 2008

I almost got those knives cos they look awesome and feel good in the hand but went with solid old mundial…

1 07 2008

Is that a global? I assume having it re-shaped will never be as strong as the original. How did you break it in the first place?

On the positive side, knife shopping is pretty good fun!

1 07 2008

Also, to be honest I don’t think I’ll buy global in the future though. I find that the flat top edge can give me blisters if I’m using it a lot. Some of the other brands have a more rounded top edge. However, they are very soft steel so they are easy to sharpen with relatively basic home sharpeners. The German steels tend to be a lot harder to sharpen, but they hold their edge better (so I hear anyway).

1 07 2008

reshaped in the first place cos it snapped cutting mars bar slice!

they never touched the handle though as far as i know.

we’ll see how we go with the knife shopping…

1 07 2008

Yeah mundial knives are where it’s at…

1 07 2008

Again – Mundial has done us 5 years so far (and many a Mars Bar slice!)

1 07 2008
jess b

we havent looked back with our Wusthof Classics….Recommend recommend recommend!!!…also the Shun Chef’s knife is be-au-tif-ul! (not only in functionality but also aesthetically – bonus!)

…I’m currently chasing up ordering a fair few Shun chef’s knives probably around the 8 inch size if you’re interested but there’d be a long wait on them…and they’d be about $120ish for one (beautiful) knife which I dont know if you think is fine or outragously excessive….! 🙂

2 07 2008

Yeh we have a set of Mundials, but I must admit, the global was my favourite.
Jess – those Shun knives look pretty hot – I may be interested, but I had better shop around a little bit first… Thanks for the offer!

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