2 07 2008

I’ve taken up cycling… sort of.

Ever sinced we moved to our new place I was sure we were close enough to ride into the city for work.

Today I finally did it! On a borrowed bike from Stu Lobb.

It wasn’t too bad. It took me about 40mins, I’ve had a shower downstairs and I’m about to enjoy some Weet-Bix at my desk.

I’m more nervous about the ride home. Will have to leave nice and early to catch the last of the sunlight.



3 responses

2 07 2008

Impressive! I’ve been thinking of cycling to college lately, but my bike is at my parent’s place, and in a bit of a state of disrepair. Is there a good cycle-way for you to go on?

2 07 2008

yeh the cycle-way is great! there is a bike path all the way between my place and work and it is pretty much the most direct route!

3 07 2008

I made it home safely for those who were interested….

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