Catholic Archbishop

8 07 2008

Catholic Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell has been in paper today. But not in a good way.

I just saw him out the front of my building in the city. Quite a rare sighting I thought. Maybe he was doing a pre-WYD tour of the sites?

He looked quite good for someone who is probably under a bit of pressure. Needs a new suit though. Double-breasted doesn’t do it for me. Especially if it’s ill-fitting.




6 responses

8 07 2008

Hey I saw him near my building a few months ago too. He gets around…

9 07 2008

Yeah just watching the news, looks like he got pretty caned by the press. He wasn’t wearing a very nice suit on TV either…

10 07 2008

Hey congratulations on ‘losing that girly handicap’ of yours. (Must say though at least you have one)

11 07 2008

hey reimer, have you been speaking to my dad?
he’s the only one who calls it a girly handicap. he’s terribly proud of having a lower handicap than me…. but that happens when you get to play 4 times a week!

11 07 2008

Been so long, don’t know if I’d even recognise your dad Guthers.
But there is a link to this post and your dad – isn’t the pope staying out kenthurst way? (yes I know your dad doesn’t live in kenthurst but close enough)

16 07 2008

Reimer – you have been speaking to my dad. I can’t believe you would just lie in the blogosphere like that! Even if only implicitly….

The Pope is indeed staying out Kenthurst way…

Dural = God’s country.

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