J’adore le Tour de France!

17 07 2008

I have been loving le Tour de France this year.

Cycling is a hard sport to get into:

  • It has complex scoring and strategies,
  • It is long and, at times, uneventful,
  • It is dominated by Europeans with hard to pronounce names, and
  • It is on late at night.

But the much anticipated success of Aussie Cadel Evans of the Silence Lotto team, combined with the fact that I am now riding to work on a semi-regular basis, means that I am now keen enough on the sport to overcome these minor hurdles.

I have fallen asleep on the couch a couple of nights this week (much to Adri’s disappointment) and I am now talking enthusiastically with friends and colleagues about what has happened in the previous nights racing.

If you are not into cycling, I still recommend you give le Tour a crack for the following reasons:

  1. To expand your French vocabulary – how else will you learn words like maillot jaune, tete de la course, peleton and hors categorie?
  2. To pick up a few tasty French recipes from Gabriel Gaté in his “Taste le Tour” segment.
  3. To cheer on Cadel Evans! He is only the 5th Aussie to wear the maillot jaune in le Tour and he has a great chance of being the first ever Aussie to win the general classification. It is your patriotic duty to get behind him.

If you want to get into it, but you’re not sure where to start, check out the SBS Tour website. It is packed with cool videos and previews of the stages. Very informative.

Are you a fan of le Tour? What is your favourite aspect?



3 responses

17 07 2008

love the shout out to le tour simo…
for the past 6 or so years now i have waited patiently for july to roll round, for 21 days i get to lose a little bit of sleep each night.
i must admit, what brought me to giving up my sleep for close to 5 hours every night every july to watch a bunch of dudes sitting on bikes was probably lance armstrong and the competition with yan ulrich.. i marvel at the strategy behind it all, for each team to put forward a candidate for the maillot jaune, to put everything on the line for this one man. But when it came down to it.. way up in the mountains, when all the domestiques had been left behind.. and only the favorite’s were left.. lance would dance away on his pedal’s and leave the rest for dust.
it mesmorised me.

21 07 2008

you speak so lyrically of it hamm!
I can tell you are in love with le tour.
Did you watch last night? I watched the whole stage – go Simon G!
I am exhausted today though.

22 07 2008

ahaa thats a good effort.. yeah
stage 15 baby.. another alps stage tonight
it will be epic.
im kinda glad that cadel lost the maillot jaune.. it was too much of a burden for his team, for him to be wearing it in the mountains.

he will just have to stay in touch and claim it back in the time trial.

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