Engage08: Highlights

31 08 2008

What a fabulous weekend!

We had a great time with our brothers and sisters in Christ being challenged and encouraged from God’s word by two dynamic and engaging speakers.

Highlights were:

  • Being reminded by Driscoll of the REGENERATING work of the Holy Spirit in every Christians heart
  • Being challenged by the Don to not be another generation of LEGALISTS
  • Bitburger Lemon (aka BItburger brau) a beer that tastes probably a little like Skittlebrau

Will post more later.

What were your highlights of Engage08?



29 08 2008

Tonight! Woohoo!

I’ve been hanging out for this for a long time. It will be awesome!

Just call me Cadel…

27 08 2008

I made a significant purchase last Saturday.

Work was kind enough to give me a year-end “Exceptional Contribution Bonus”, which I think means that I contributed this year and they see that as an exception. With some of my new-found spare cash, I splashed out on a brand new bike to get me too and from work.

A friend here at work hooked me up with the good people at Cranks in North Sydney, who are currently building me a Giant CRX 3, which is a flat bar road bike.

By the end of next week I will be zooming to and from work in next to no time!

John 3:16

21 08 2008

After golf on Monday, Dave, Aidan and I shared a beer in the clubhouse. Well we didn’t share one beer, that would be silly, we had a beer each and then shared the experience of drinking them.

Anyway, on the wall was a shirt signed by several people who had obviously done something significant enough to justify signing and framing a shirt. Under one of the signatures was written “John 3:16”.

Now John 3:16 is probably the most famous bible verse in the world. It even has it’s own wikipedia entry. Now this fame is justified. It is a concise, easy to remember summary of the gospel. But Dave was of the opinion that maybe John 3:16 has had it’s day. Maybe it’s time for a new verse to be held up on placards at sporting events and scrawled across shirts on golf club walls?

This is not necessarily just a case of familiarity breeding contempt, but also, I think John 3:16 may not have the same impact on a new generation of non-Christians. For example, “For God so loved the world…” might now draw the response, “Which God?”, as the Judeo-Christian heritage of our society becomes more distant.

Anyhoo, Dave suggested 1 Tim 2:5 as a new contender. I am reading Romans at the moment and I like the idea of Romans 10:9.

What do you think? Which verse would you choose? What would the appropriate verse need to contain? Can one verse be expected to summarise the gospel?

Artificial long weekend

20 08 2008

I have already told you of my longing for the long weekend. So this weekend, I again extended the traditional two days to three in order to play a little bit of golf with some friends.

I must say, taking Monday off certainly gives you a whole new level of appreciation for Sunday. There is no rush to get the shopping done, less stress about finishing household chores before the week begins and a more relaxed Saturday-type vibe about the whole day.

Sunday morning, Bruce was back at the pulpit after some time away and he preached a cracker on Hebrews, especially the first four verses. He talked about the situation of the Ugandan church (where they have just been) and the situation with the worldwide Anglican Communion. He discussed the danger of drifting away from the authority of Christ both personally and congregationally.

Monday was golf at the crack of dawn. Dave Keun and Aidan Carleton joined me for 18 holes at Castle Hill GC. It was a pleasure to catch up with these guys, even though I chopped it up (I came third!). Highlight was Dave’s tap in birdie on the 4th.

Monday afternoon was spent relaxing and watching the Olympics, doing the shopping and just the smallest amount of study for good measure.

I really should take a day off more often! Or maybe we should push for the standard 3-day weekend?

100 posts

14 08 2008

This is the 100th post on le blog de guthers.

Here’s what I’ve been blogging about:

Some good signs:

Adri > golf

Weekend > week

God > beer

Some worrying signs:

Melbourne > Sydney

Work > God

God is worryingly similar to coffee!

Greatest Sporting nation on Earth

13 08 2008


But then, I am biased…

Australia have been fourth on the overall medal tally at the last 2 Olympics, behind USA, China and Russia. But we don’t have anywhere near the population of these countries.

We are currently sitting 5th in Beijing.

According to the smh.com.au All Time Medal tally, we are 11th. But we weren’t even a nation at the first 2 modern Olympics! (1896 and 1900)

I’d say its definitive. Per capita, we rock!