City2Surf Tomorrow

9 08 2008

Can’t remember the last time I ran 14km? Oh yeah…it was about 12 months ago.

Why do I sign up for this and not train?

Is anyone else doing it?




4 responses

10 08 2008

Very silly Guthers….! Hope you make it 🙂

10 08 2008

silly indeed!!! Such is life without JogSquad!!!

I did it this morning, around 70 mins, I think… Was quite enjoyable, but now it’s time time for a hot shower and a nap nap

11 08 2008

how did you fare simo?

11 08 2008

Approx 82mins – will know tomorrow.
Similrar time to last year.
Soooo unfit.

I am in a world of pain this morning.
I never realised how many stairs there are between home and work.

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