100 posts

14 08 2008

This is the 100th post on le blog de guthers.

Here’s what I’ve been blogging about:

Some good signs:

Adri > golf

Weekend > week

God > beer

Some worrying signs:

Melbourne > Sydney

Work > God

God is worryingly similar to coffee!



7 responses

14 08 2008
Dave Miers

congrats on the century.

14 08 2008


How many comments? Hits? Lets have some stats and an actuarial breakdown of it all…

14 08 2008

Well done mate.

Most worrying of all is that I can’t seem to find me in there somewhere… I see Sam though – playing favourites I see 😉

14 08 2008

Congratulations Guthers!

15 08 2008

Melbourne is better than Sydney…

15 08 2008

‘Melbourne is better than Sydney…’??? Excuse me???

19 08 2008

Yep… that’s right. Apart from the cold, everything about Melbourne is better.

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