Engage08: Highlights

31 08 2008

What a fabulous weekend!

We had a great time with our brothers and sisters in Christ being challenged and encouraged from God’s word by two dynamic and engaging speakers.

Highlights were:

  • Being reminded by Driscoll of the REGENERATING work of the Holy Spirit in every Christians heart
  • Being challenged by the Don to not be another generation of LEGALISTS
  • Bitburger Lemon (aka BItburger brau) a beer that tastes probably a little like Skittlebrau

Will post more later.

What were your highlights of Engage08?



3 responses

1 09 2008

Definitely the talks were my highlight, Carson and Psalms seem to go hand in hand, and so fitting to have him break Psalm 40 down….

Driscoll and his depiction of Crucifixion was very moving and a little disturbing, which is grand, throws the cross further into a magnificent light.

1 09 2008

It was great. Came away refreshed and feeling very excited about Jesus and his gospel. Good times.

Highlight was jumping on Anu to wake him up.

2 09 2008

yhwh yigdal

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