Engage: Words

4 09 2008

I was expecting big things and big words from Don Carson at Engage. I only got a handful.

He has a way of using the word in a context that makes you understand what it means, even if you have hardly heard it used before!

He gave us:

But Mark Driscoll, not wishing to be outdone, gave us: Proclivities.

Gold! Did I miss anything?



4 responses

4 09 2008

Maybe you’re smarter than me, but ‘ebullience’ was a new word from the Don.

4 09 2008

Yes! I forgot to write that one down. Good work.


5 09 2008
jess b

when did he say peon? …there was one talk that i must admit i was ‘slipping in and out of’ (ie sleeping) …but I thought he was saying paean (ie song of joyful praise) … but as I said, there was no context cos I was slightly unconscious…(NOT cos of the speaker!)

5 09 2008

Jess, you could totally be right. I don’t have a context for PEON, I just wrote it on the top of my notebook when I heard it.
PAEAN is more believeable though. I can see how he would have used that.
Maybe I was thrown by his accent!

Let’s do both! The more the merrier!


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