Today in the SMH

8 09 2008

Bit of a shock to see my old Headmaster staring at me from the SMH.

I thought he said some insightful things.

To what extent are the things he talks about the responsibility of schools as opposed to parents?

Do parents fall into the trap of leaving the raising of their children up to their teachers?

Tough gig parenting. Teaching too!




3 responses

9 09 2008

Even if we teach it to them, they wont listen. I think it is up to parents to help but therein lies the problem – most parents don’t know themselves about taxation to help. There is only so much that can be a part of the curriculum. Isn’t the rest up to life experience?

9 09 2008

i just find it ridiculous when i get parents asking me for tips on how to raise/discipline their child. who do they think i am?

9 09 2008

Don’t worry lachlan. I wouldn’t let you near my child!
Until they’re 18 – then you can teach them about beer.

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