MTS Challenge Conference

17 09 2008

Last weekend, I attended the MTS Challenge Conference at Stanwell Tops.

It was a great weekend. Pretty intense with some great bible teaching and plenty of good fellowship.

I ordered the talks ($35!?!?!) but they haven’t arrived yet, so I will give you my highlights/key points from my notes:

  • Ben Pfahlert – I only heard one of his, but I took away the 3 C’s of envangelism – Conviction, Competency and Courage. Courage involves being willing to be uncomfortable.
  • Phillip Jensen – he preaches clearly and powerfully. There is something about old people that gives them credibility! He spoke from Psalms and Ecclesiastes on the reality of death and the justice of God and gave a seminar on Entrepreneurial Church Planting.
  • My elective was “tent-making” (ie. self-funded ministry). There was some dispute as to what tent-making actually is and what are good reasons for working and doing ministry at the same time. After all, Paul only did this temporarily. Phillip Jensen made mention to it in his church-planting piece. I’m still unsure…
  • Strand groups were… disappointing.
  • We were scheduled to have an interview with a minister who could discuss with us our thoughts on ministry. I got Mike E – someone with whom I’ve had the same conversation many times!

Overall, a good weekend. It wasn’t all about MTS. It took into account the Driscoll-factor. There was solid bible-teaching. God was glorified. And how good was the weather on Saturday??!?