Time is short

30 09 2008

Don’t you hate it when it feels like all your deadlines converge?

My exam is a mere 3 weeks away, but before I go on study leave I need to finish a big report at work which includes building a GLM on claim payments that we haven’t investigated before.

Ideally, the next few weeks would be spent winding down work and winding up study. Instead I think I have some late nights ahead of me.

Not going to worry about work this weekend though… Long weekend! Yay!

We’re heading up to Forster, hopefully for some warm weather/beach action (plus some study). Your plans?



4 responses

30 09 2008


30 09 2008
jess b

Camping at Newnes with Simmo and Sarah Vant – wonder if SamR wants to come?!! ;P

30 09 2008

We’re thinking about getting away for the weekend too. But I have to be back to preach on Sunday night… Still, long weekends are awesome.

30 09 2008

Going to Italy, but for more than a weekend…

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