Google 2001

1 10 2008

The lifehacker website has linked to a Google website that allows you to search it’s 2001 index.


Not much interesting about September 11 yet.

Kim Beazley is leader of the opposition.

Britney Spears is an up and coming superstar!

Anything else interesting in 2001?

Google Searches (#4)

1 10 2008
  • “is God recycled”

Ummm… No.

  • yigdal yhwh
  • +beer +”poached pears”
  • dave keun”au”
  • what does jaune tete de course mean
  • actuarial blog
  • “tom burlinson”
  • Guthers coffee tastes like runny poo. SamR

Hope you all found what you were looking for.