Google Searches (#4)

1 10 2008
  • “is God recycled”

Ummm… No.

  • yigdal yhwh
  • +beer +”poached pears”
  • dave keun”au”
  • what does jaune tete de course mean
  • actuarial blog
  • “tom burlinson”
  • Guthers coffee tastes like runny poo. SamR

Hope you all found what you were looking for.



4 responses

1 10 2008

I know I did…

1 10 2008

Slack Sam. You are abusing the kms system. It was designed for good, and you have used it for evil 🙂

3 10 2008

ouch! I just got a hit from someone searching for “unproductive blog”.

that hurts, google…

3 10 2008

Well, to be fair turns – guthers got his own back with a facebook photo…

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