15 10 2008

I haven’t posted in over a week because:

  1. I should be studying – I have an exam in 1 week
  2. I am a slacker
  3. I didn’t have anything to say

But yesterday, this happened!

This sort of attention is unprecedented at le blog de guthers. I should lift my game appropriately.

I’ll get right on that.



8 responses

15 10 2008

if graphjam has taught us anything, it is that graphs need 2 labelled axis to be effective

more music charts

15 10 2008

Wierd? Or weird? Or Wired?

15 10 2008

Or wider…

I’d say it is an outlier. I assume even google has data errors.

How many hits are we talking? I remember looking through your blog a bit the other day. Check whether lots of those hits are from o/s…

15 10 2008

Where’s your faith in Guthers’ fans Turns?! 😉

16 10 2008

I’d say it is an outlier. I assume even google has data errors.

Ouch! Thanks for the support Turns…

Don’t know how to check where they’re from – not like on blogger. Any tips SamR?

It was over 200 anyways – so unless you were REALLY slacking off at work.

16 10 2008

Are you using statcounter? You should be able to get a drill-down if you are…

16 10 2008

nup – i just use the wordpress blog stats

17 10 2008

“Ouch! Thanks for the support Turns…”

I have nothing but support for you and your blogging Guthers. I’m just trained to question things…

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