Four In Hand

17 10 2008

Went to Four In Hand restaurant for dinner last night to celebrate my brothers birthday.

For entree, I had a Pigs Ear Schnitzel! As unusual as that concept sounds – it was absolutely delicious. As was the barramundi for main.

Dessert was probably the highlight though. Macerated strawberries, basil sorbet and yoghurt granita. Yum!



2 responses

20 10 2008
Ben McLaughlin

what’s ‘macerated’? Sounds violent..

ewww pigs ear!

20 10 2008

Does sound a bit violent doesn’t it?
I don’t think I would have ordered a “macerated pigs ear” if that had been on offer!

From the free dictionary…
mac·er·ate (ms-rt)
v. mac·er·at·ed, mac·er·at·ing, mac·er·ates
1. To make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid.

Pig’s ear was yummy! Not really what I was expecting.

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