Near Death Experiences

17 10 2008

The Today show this morning had a segment about near death experiences.

They had a doctor of anthropology talking about studies in near-death experiences, what people have seen on the “other side”, how this differs across cultures, etc.

But what he said at the end was most interesting to me. He has had a near death experience of his own. He says he experienced painlessness and fearlessness and he was able to travel through time. It was a positive, life-changing experience and now he has nothing to fear.

“I am a good man, I’ve lived a good life, I’ve faced death and I know that it’s ok!”


Do you think we can really have an understanding of things “outside” our world or our lives by observing from within?

If we studied what a million different people said they saw whilst having a near-death experience we may come up with a million different answers. Who’s to say which is the “truth”?

But there must be a “truth”…

Maybe the only way to know for sure is for someone from outside our lives and our creation to come in and tell us how it is.

Maybe then we can get an understanding of what happens after we die, whether we are ready for that and what we can do now to be prepared if we are not.



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17 10 2008

i saw some thing on tv a while back about near death experiences (i think it was penn and teller).
they showed how when in extreme conditions, and the body is shutting down, the brain runs on emergency power, and everything gets a bit euphoric. they reckon this is why ‘near death experiences” occur.
i havent explained it heaps well but it made sense at the time

17 10 2008

I hear what you’re saying.
So near-death experiences are a product of your own mind.
I think this is what the guy on telly was saying, hence the cultural differences.
Which is why it was so weird (or wierd) that he was “convinced” he had nothing to fear in death.

19 10 2008
Dave Miers

dude this is one your best posts ever!!!
good stuff.

20 10 2008

Reductionists have to place near-death experiences inside the mind.

There is alot of unknown on this topic. Gary Habermas, a Christian philosopher has studied NDE’s for over 20 years.
He has a few books and gives a basic overview here

Very interesting stuff.

Great post

20 10 2008

Hey joelpj – thanks for the links. Very interesting to think about “the evidential value of NDE’s”.

26 10 2008
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