One day to go

21 10 2008

My exam is tomorrow afternoon!

I’m feeling *relatively* prepared, which is unusual for me. I’m a crammer from way back.

Today, I need to put down some notes to take into the exam and peruse the past papers for any hints and tips.

The topics are: Pricing, Capital Management and Financial Condition Reporting. I am still a bit hazy on capital and a subtopic on appraisal values, but I think today I should be able to digest enough to get by.

Will be good to have it behind me.




6 responses

21 10 2008
Dave Miers

smash it

21 10 2008

ive heard that subprime lending is a pretty good financial idea. maybe you should include that somewhere

21 10 2008

funny you should mention that…
i was just reading a past paper solution from a few years ago that suggested an insurance company could improve returns by investing in riskier assets such as mortgage-backed securites.
I wonder how I’ll go if I slip that one in there…

21 10 2008

I’d give you full marks for it.

Maybe you should actually mention the past paper and suggested answer, and then say it doesn’t really matter what you write because clearly the markers themselves aren’t that smart anyway. See how that goes…

21 10 2008

Carve it up bro.

22 10 2008

Hope it went well. I’m onto my last assignment and almost finished.

ps I’ve finally broken the drought and posted on THO

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