Wedding Anniversary

14 12 2008

On Wednesday 10th December Adri and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I have a gorgeous wife!

I had been away on a training course until that day and we had bible study that night, so we didn’t get to celebrate together until Friday night. We had a lovely dinner at de Vine restaurant/wine bar after work. I tried a delicious glass of Nebbiolo.

There is a guy at our church who knows everyones birthdays, anniversaries, etc and exactly how many days until your next one. He kindly worked out for us that we had been married for 1,100 days today and we will notch up a magic 1,111 days on 25 December!

Any ideas on how to celebrate the big 1,111? I’m suggesting getting all the family together for a big meal and the giving and receiving of gifts…

Did you know that 1,111 is the sum of the digits of the first 100 prime numbers?




4 responses

14 12 2008

Welcome back Guthers. Congrats on three years. Say hi to your gorgeous wife for me too please.

Actually 1111 is (apparently) the sum of the DIGITS of the first 100 prime numbers. If it were the sum of the first 100, then the average of the first 100 would have to be 11.11, which is obviously way too low.

Cant wait to see you. Only two more sleeps in London!

15 12 2008

way to go nerd – of course you are right.

see you soon!!!!

15 12 2008
Dave Miers

congrats guys

16 12 2008

of course… 😉

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