7 01 2009

What a finish!

That could have been disasterously embarassing!

I couldn’t watch…




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7 01 2009

Oh yeah – brilliant game.

8 01 2009
Cricket Rules

This test series against South Africa was up there at the top of my list along with the ’05 Ashes in my books. Every match could’ve gone either way and boasted stunning fightbacks. Right until the end of this last Test it looked like SA might get out of it with a draw and hold the series 2-0 with Ntini’s gutsy innings. To then see Smith come out and bat for the last few overs was simply heroic. As an Aussie I was obviously going for my side but have deep respect for Smith as a captain and leader. He would have been in agonising pain but still chose to fight until the very end. SA deserve the series and I congratulate them for their first series win in Aus.

8 01 2009

Well put Cricket Rules…

8 01 2009

How good is Test cricket!

2 years in a row in Sydney!

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I even just nearly felt a little bit sorry for Smith.

8 01 2009

he’s ok – he will get more plaudits for going out to bat injured than he would have for a series cleansweep.
gives him time off to fix his elbow as well.
can we win in South Africa?

9 01 2009

can we win in RSA? yes
will we? don’t think so in current form. But if we can get an opener who can score runs and if Clark can return to his form last RSA tour then perhaps we can. We were in a very good position to win every Test in this series but South Africa are very good, very determined and they have the talent. Impresed with Almar and JP.

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