12 01 2009

Test post from iPhone.




7 responses

15 01 2009

Test read from iPhone…

15 01 2009

iWish i had an iPhone

15 01 2009

Mmmm, wordpress for iPhone!!!

Welcome to the world of mobile blogging.
Next thing I wanna see is a photo.

How’s the mobile syncing going?? I recommend nuevasync

16 01 2009

What does it do that I can’t already do with standard software? Is it free?

16 01 2009

It will sync (with push and fetch) contacts, calendars and mail. I’ve got it for contacts and calendars, my mail is gmail on IMAP. and yes it’s free.

16 01 2009

wow – i was planning on deleting this post – but look at all the comments it’s got!
photo post from the iphone? how do I do that?

16 01 2009

if you’re using wordpress for iPhone, then when you write a post, you can click on the bar at the bottom for photos. From there you’re able to add a photo from the Library or take a photo and post it. Generally requires some cleaning up afterwards, but it’s a good on the go post

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