31 01 2009

Having passed General Insurance B last semester, I am now onto my last actuarial subject. (woohoo!)

This one is a killer though. Commercial Actuarial Practice (CAP).

At the end of March I will move in to Macquarie University (MGSM) for a week long residential course focussing on how to solve commercial problems from an actuarial point of view. The final day of the course is an intensive 8-hour case study exam where we will be given an issue and some data and will have to do some analysis and prepare a report.

Then, later in April (or May? can’t remember) I will sit another two hour exam focussed on solving problems in non-traditional actuarial areas such as health and ageing or the environment.

Seems like a long road ahead, and I’m a bit slow to get started. But hopefully, this could be the last actuarial course I have to sit. Yay!



7 responses

31 01 2009

Move in? As in have to leave Adri for a week or can she come too?

1 02 2009

unfortunately I have to leave adri for a week 😦

1 02 2009

hey libby – is there a sydney blog on the way?

1 02 2009

Yep – it’s all happening so I’ll send you the invite! We have only invited Sydneyites who have asked 🙂 Very exclusive!

2 02 2009

that is super exclusive! glad to be on the list!

3 02 2009

Hey – just watching Packed to the Rafters and realised that Nathan (the one we thought looked like you) is the younger brother which is why when I said you looked like the older brother, you said that most people said you looked like the younger brother. So now I am less confused. I think!

4 02 2009

haha! I watched last night too. Love that show.

We have bible study on Tuesdays starting next week though – disaster!

Nathan is such a doofus.

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