Thursday thought (GMT)

27 02 2009

Thursday thoughts operating in a different time zone this week. Do not become disillusioned. Repeat: Do not become disillusioned!

I’ve had a very busy Thursday on a study day completing an assignment on the impact of climate change on a timber plantation. Pretty interesting.

But I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on Friday nights SALT talk from 1 Peter 1:6-7 – Joy in adversity.
I’ve been thinking about what are these trials that test the genuineness of our faith.

The immediate thought is persecution; opposition for being a Christian. (Is that how to use a semicolon? I’ve always wondered…) But whenever I contemplate Christian persecution, my own experiences seem really lame. Truth is, I personally don’t face too much opposition to my faith from non-Christian colleagues.

Maybe these trials that test our faith aren’t just external, but can be internal as well? My example is the ongoing battle I have with myself about how much easier/more lucrative/carefree life would be if I weren’t a Christian. It sounds foolish to talk about in the light of day, but when you are at your lowest ebb and the temptations of money/career/etc are at their highest, this can be a real crisis of faith.

My encouragement from this passage? These trials are there to test the genuineness of my faith. When I come out the other side still trusting in Jesus, this results in praise, glory and honour when jesus Christ is revealed.

They are my thoughts. What are yours?

Sunday Roast

22 02 2009

Again, It’s all about the title. This post is intended to be all about coffee: roasting, extracing, drinking, sharing.

Last Friday, Matt, Sam and I did our second mass roast as threebeanroasters.

I came away with 500g of El Salvader Santa Teresa and 500g of the second threebeans blend which contained a little Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and some other ‘secret’ beans (‘Secret’ in that I can’t remember them at the moment!

Have tried them both and really enjoyed them. It was a few days ago, but I remember the El Salvador having a really nice smokiness in my mouth. I’m drinking the blend now and I think I overextracted it just a little bit. But it is still deliciously smooth in a latte.

I also got my first sample of our first blend which I plan on cupping shortly. I’ve only ever cupped once so it will be interesting to see what I can come up with.

Need beans? Click here.

[Photo from flickr here]

Obama’s Elf

20 02 2009

Thursday Thoughts

19 02 2009

Ok… the most important part of a regular post is a catchy title, no?

The plan for a Thursday is to share a thought on something topical. It may be something in the media or it may be somethingI have been mulling over. I don’t want to be too prescriptive, I’ve only come up with one so far!

This Thursday I’ve been thinking about giving.

This seed was planted by Ross Gittens’ article in the smh – linked here and here – as well as an email I received contaning this article by Australian ethicist Peter Singer.

Events like the bushfires in Victoria and the floods in Queensland are catalysts for public outpouring of generosity. Everyone gives generously, because that is what is expected. Corporations try to outdo each other in dollars donated. We make no secret that we are donating, because that is what ought to be done.

But what about the rest of the time? What about the people around the world who are suffering and dying every day?

Singer’s article gives a great illustration of the trade-off we all make between our own material possessions and giving being charitable towards the genuine needs of others. It’s a very painful read…

Regular Posts

12 02 2009

I was eating my All Bran this morning and it got me thinking about regularity.

Some of my favourite blogs have a regular weekly “segment” if you like.

Ben has his Thursday Peanuts and his Sunday Spurgeon.

Dave has his Friday foto and his Saturday JLCD roundup.

Do you think I should implement something? Any suggestions?

What do you reckon?

12 02 2009

Click here.

The audacity of the elderly

10 02 2009

Last Tuesday I had a meeting out of town so I had the chance to spend the morning at home. I took the opportunity to pick up a waiting package from the post office, since this was a rare moment of freedom in their prohibitively narrow opening hours.
Anyhoo, on my way there, I found myself stuck on the footpath behind a little old man moving in a painfully slow shuffle. I saw he was clutching an envelope in his left hand (the one not holding the cane), a sure sign he had the same destination as me. So I decided to overtake him at the next opportunity so as to ensure he didn’t slow me down in the inevitably long post office queue. I executed the maneuver expertly some 10 metres before the post office and that, I thought, was the end of the matter.
Not so our diminutive octagenarian. No. Moments after I had taken my place at the end the queue, he shuffled into the post office and took what he deemed his rightful place ahead of me. He had the temerity to “push in” without even acknowledging my existence.
Now I would like to say that at this point I tapped our aged friend on his stooping shoulders and put him firmly in his place. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I lacked the audacity of the elderly that says, “I have lived long enough to be entitled to what is not rightfully mine.” Even though he was half my height and over 3 times my age, his overflowing self confidence intimidated me.
I look forward to being an old man so I can shuffle the sidewalk with the audacity of the elderly.