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12 02 2009

I was eating my All Bran this morning and it got me thinking about regularity.

Some of my favourite blogs have a regular weekly “segment” if you like.

Ben has his Thursday Peanuts and his Sunday Spurgeon.

Dave has his Friday foto and his Saturday JLCD roundup.

Do you think I should implement something? Any suggestions?



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13 02 2009
Dave Miers

i obviously like them!!

i like them cos:
1) they help you think of some content for that day
2) some type of regularity of content for visitors
3) i do them so that they are quick to view – friday takes a second… saturday – not many are going to click on the all the links… but some do… simple round up post.

i’m thinking of changing mine… not sure though…

i’ve run out of photos – and not really getting a chance to take any – so not sure what to do there

i might just change the name of the weekend post… and slightly change the content so that there’s a bit more fresh stuff…

okay… i haven’t answered your question….

13 02 2009
Dave Miers

Do you think I should implement something?

yes (i think my first comment kinda said that!)

Any suggestions?

coffee roundup
cafe review
weekly haiku
weekly limerick
make funny mathematical sketches
hot topics – i like this one – it’s in your tags?

there’s some to get you started!

13 02 2009

Good idea Guthers.
Dare you to do the weekly haiku!

13 02 2009

I could do guest coffee reviews for you ๐Ÿ™‚

13 02 2009

Agreed, regular posts are good.

How about something sports related?? like Golf or Cycling?? or you could come and watch The Mighty Kites each week ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

16 02 2009

Thanks for the tips all. I’ll look into the haiku thing…
I’ve got a few ideas. Chuck more at me if you’ve got them.

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