Thursday Thoughts

19 02 2009

Ok… the most important part of a regular post is a catchy title, no?

The plan for a Thursday is to share a thought on something topical. It may be something in the media or it may be somethingI have been mulling over. I don’t want to be too prescriptive, I’ve only come up with one so far!

This Thursday I’ve been thinking about giving.

This seed was planted by Ross Gittens’ article in the smh – linked here and here – as well as an email I received contaning this article by Australian ethicist Peter Singer.

Events like the bushfires in Victoria and the floods in Queensland are catalysts for public outpouring of generosity. Everyone gives generously, because that is what is expected. Corporations try to outdo each other in dollars donated. We make no secret that we are donating, because that is what ought to be done.

But what about the rest of the time? What about the people around the world who are suffering and dying every day?

Singer’s article gives a great illustration of the trade-off we all make between our own material possessions and giving being charitable towards the genuine needs of others. It’s a very painful read…