Thursday thought (GMT)

27 02 2009

Thursday thoughts operating in a different time zone this week. Do not become disillusioned. Repeat: Do not become disillusioned!

I’ve had a very busy Thursday on a study day completing an assignment on the impact of climate change on a timber plantation. Pretty interesting.

But I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on Friday nights SALT talk from 1 Peter 1:6-7 – Joy in adversity.
I’ve been thinking about what are these trials that test the genuineness of our faith.

The immediate thought is persecution; opposition for being a Christian. (Is that how to use a semicolon? I’ve always wondered…) But whenever I contemplate Christian persecution, my own experiences seem really lame. Truth is, I personally don’t face too much opposition to my faith from non-Christian colleagues.

Maybe these trials that test our faith aren’t just external, but can be internal as well? My example is the ongoing battle I have with myself about how much easier/more lucrative/carefree life would be if I weren’t a Christian. It sounds foolish to talk about in the light of day, but when you are at your lowest ebb and the temptations of money/career/etc are at their highest, this can be a real crisis of faith.

My encouragement from this passage? These trials are there to test the genuineness of my faith. When I come out the other side still trusting in Jesus, this results in praise, glory and honour when jesus Christ is revealed.

They are my thoughts. What are yours?