Sunday Roast – hangin with the Turners and the Lovells

29 03 2009

Had a lovely afternoon with Matt and Thea and Jaime and Anu today. Straight from church to the Woolwich pier hotel for beers and late lunch.

Then back to our place for 6 x vanilla choc chip affogato with threebeans Ethiopian Harar. Delightful!

Adri and I are now settling in for the night with a delayed earth hour. We missed it last night so it is dinner and reading by candlelight tonight.

Thursday Thought – Exam

26 03 2009

I think this big exam tomorrow is going to be tough.
I think 8 hours of report writing is heinous.
I think I would appreciate your prayers!

Sunday Roast

22 03 2009

It was amateur hour at the three beans roasting session this week. No disasters with the coffee – that all come out spectacular as usual – but we weren’t the well-oiled machine we have been in the past.

It was a bit early to crack it open (only 3 days post-roast), but I couldn’t resist starting on the Brazil Daterra today. Macchiato + Choc-Chip Hot cross bun. Yum!!

As an aside, how much better is a choc-chip HXB than a regular HXB?!? This year, Bakers Delight have experimented with a Mocha flavoured HXB. Probably even more yucky than the ones Coles makes with citrus peel. Goo!

I am going to be desperately without coffee (and buns) for the next five days. I am off on my Commercial Actuarial Practice Course for some HAIKU followed by a 8 hour case study exam on Friday. I am living on campus, so tragically I have to say goodbye to my wife and my cat. 😦

See you all next Saturday. Until then, please feel free to keep my blog ticking over by suggesting new flavours of HXB for Bakers Delight.

Hot Cross Buns on wiki. CAP Course.

Quantum of Solace

20 03 2009

I have all the James Bond films on DVD. I’m a bit of a fan.

Which is why I’m super-excited that Quantum of Solace is now available on DVD!


Will be purchasing today and watching tonight! How awesome is James Bond?

Thursday Thought – The Pope

19 03 2009

I think the Pope needs to work on his PR.

This story caused a bit of a stir from those sitting around me at work yesterday.

“What does he think hes going on about?”

“He’s not making any sense!”

“That’s a stupid thing to say!”

“This is like when he condemned that 9-year-old, pregnant to her step-dad, for having an abortion!

I haven’t read any stories where the Pope is given the chance to explain his belief that condoms only aggravate the AIDS problem, but I imagine his reasoning is something like:

AIDs is spread as a result of promiscuity –> the solution is monogamous marital relationships –> condoms only encourage promiscuity –> therefore condoms only make the problem worse.

Now the Pope might be absolutely spot on with his assessment. Abstinence outside of marriage may be the only solution to the AIDs problem. For Catholics, his comments may be the reminder they need to flee sexual sin. His comments may be the leadership those in the Catholic church need.

But to outsiders, including my work colleagues, all they hear is the a self-righteous man who has lost touch with reality and only wants to condemn the poorest and sickest people in the world. Regardless of his intentions, that headline screams insensitivity. Someone put it: “The people will not follow what the pope is saying. He lives in Heaven and we are on Earth.”

I don’t know how the Pope views his role as God’s representative here on earth, but I think he would have better PR if he was seen demonstrating the love and forgiveness of Christ to those who need it most.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

17 03 2009

Happy St Patricks Day!

Christian dude. Long time ago. Ireland. Told people about Jesus. God in three shamrock leaves. Let’s drink Guinness!

Lamb with Hamm

16 03 2009

Adri and I had Hamm over for dinner tonight for some roast lamb with garlic and oregano, roast potatoes with rosemary and lemon and peas and carrots topped with bacon. Yum.
It’s always nice to hang out with a trendy young Christian man so I can feel like I’m still in touch with my youth…
Hamm even helped us out with some exercise tips. The dream is to get super fit. Won’t last long, but it’s good to aim high!
Finished it off with a vanilla choc chip affogato 🙂
Thanks for coming Hamm!